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Our People


Andrew Wiesener

Andrew is the Founder, Principal and driving force behind Crownland Developments and has more than 30 years’ experience in real estate investment and property development. Andrew provides the vision and energy behind the success of the company and the foresight in approaching new business opportunities to secure Crownland’s long-term future .



Philip Scott

Phil is Crownland’s General Manager and has been with the company since 2016. Phil oversees Crownland’s delivery program and manages projects through the planning, urban design and approvals phases. Phil has a strong focus on site feasibility, acquisitions, development approvals and government liaison. Phil is a registered surveyor with experience in urban development and infrastructure spanning 30 years.



Rob Sandell

Rob is Crownland’s lead Project Delivery Manager and has been with Crownland since 2000. Rob is responsible for project delivery including stakeholder engagement, project management and development management of Crownland’s projects. Rob’s career spans more than 40 years in land development, surveying and civil engineering.



Chris McClelland

Chris is Crownland’s Development Manager and has been with the company since 2017. Chris’ primary focus is on project delivery and business development. Chris is involved in managing projects from inception to delivery as well as looking for new opportunities for Crownland. Chris has a civil engineering background with extensive experience in planning, design and construction supervision of large-scale residential, commercial and industrial land developments.



Rhiannon Richmond

Rhiannon is Andrew’s Executive Assistant and manages Crownland’s ongoing marketing programs across all development projects. Rhiannon coordinates the delivery of marketing and promotional material, working closely with the sales team on new releases and sales promotions. Rhiannon is responsible for the coordination of the sales process from deposit to settlement, liaising with solicitors and ensuring a smooth process for clients.



Antonio Gerace

Antonio is Crownland’s Sales & Marketing Manager and the driving force behind Crownland’s sales team. Antonio is responsible for implementing Crownland’s sales and marketing program across the business. This includes the retails sales and the wholesale marketing of estates to partner builders. Antonio oversees project launches and new estate product planning, and manages the sales strategy and planning for all estates including the delivery of key marketing assets.



David Jones

David has been with Crownland since its inception and managed Crownland’s sales program through the formative years of the business. David has more than 60 years in the real estate sales industry and brings a wealth of seasoned knowledge from all aspects of the market. David has an exemplary reputation honed through hard work, integrity, market insight and tireless dedication to meeting client needs.



Viren Sharma

Viren joined Crownland in 2018, bringing a wealth of knowledge and sales expertise developed over several years in real estate sales. Viren is highly regarded within the industry for his market insight and his friendly, approachable nature, and he specialises in Crownland’s land sales and house & land sales.



George Sorouni

George commenced his role as Crownland’s Financial Controller in 2016 bringing, with him more than 20 years’ accounting and finance experience within the property and construction industry. George oversees all functions of the group’s finance and accounting department. Along with preserving the core functions of this division and his team, George also liaises with banks, solicitors and other key stakeholders.



Alexi Daniele

Alexi is a key member of the finance and accounting team, carrying out and overseeing a diverse variety of roles within the group. She manages the core areas of creditors, debtors and transactional banking which assists in the successful delivery of each project from start to finish.